Demolition Rubble Re-Cycling

Demolition Rubble Re-Cycling

Demolition rubble systems take material waste from demolition sites and sort and process the various materials into both immediately reusable materials of differing grades and into fractions which can be sold and re-processed into valid raw material again. In the presorting stage, large lumps are sent for crushing, plastics are removed, and ferrous and nonferrous materials are separated. Fine material is removed, and the graded materials then can move on to crushing grading and washing processes for immediate recycling. The output can go to various configurations, including crushing and Elkayam washing, screening and drying systems.

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  • Capacity of 50 to 150 tons per hour.
  • Star screen grading.
  • Central lubricating system.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Flexible and semi portable.

General equipment

  • Heavy duty apron conveyors.
  • Star screen high efficiency grading.
  • Variable speed manual sorting conveyor.
  • Magnetic conveyor separation.
  • Ergonomically designed manual sorting stations.
  • Practical skip-based collection from manual sorting.

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