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Design and install concrete plant

Demolition Rubble Re-Cycling

Israel - Jerusalem

Israel – Jerusalem

Israel, Ramle – Cement Production Plant

Israel, Ramle – Cement Production Plant

Ramla major dry batch tower batching plant

Israel – Ramle


Israel – Hanaton

Cyprus - Skyra Vassas

Cyprus – Skyra Vassas

Cyprus - quarry

Cyprus – quarry

Cargo ship unloading system

Russia – Cargo ship unloading system

Cargo ship loading system

Cyprus – Cargo ship loading system

Belgium - Amoras 33300

Belgium – Amoras 33300

Sludge Treatment Systems (STS)

Belgium - Antwerp

Belgium – Antwerp

Dust Separation System

mobile export loading system

Russia – mobile export loading system

Water Treatment & Hydrocyclones

USA - New Jersey

USA – New Jersey

Elkayam Industries Silos


Ghana - P2W

Ghana – P2W

Screens and Feeders

Russia - Perm

Russia – Perm

Solid Waste (MSW)

USA - Savannah

USA – Savannah

Conveying Systems

France - Sete

France – Sete

Concrete Recycling Plant (CRP)

Australia - Sidney

Australia – Sidney

Elkayam Industries Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Batching Plant

Projects – Conveying Systems

Projects – Environment

Projects – Concrete Plants

Projects – Quarries


Concrete Production Plant