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Elkayam design manufacture and install concrete plants built to provide the most accurate and cost-efficient way to produce concrete with the fastest cycle time.
The process begins with inputting the raw materials – aggregates to the bins and cement to the silos.
Aggregate reception is by direct delivery from the truck and the material is then transported to the appropriate bin.
Our installations have from four to eight cells with simplex or duplex construction. The bins are loaded by conveyor from the bunker. In large installations the aggregate is directed to its bin by means of a distributing conveyor which moves automatically to the correct cell station.

The aggregate weighing system weighs and delivers each batch with great accuracy. The discharged aggregate is fed to the delivery conveyor.
The silos have a quick attach-release fitting and pinch valve. Our silos are fully featured for long service and durability.
Cement is delivered to the cement scale from the silos via screw conveyors. The cement scale is constructed with a vibrational anti-bridging system.

The cement is fed to the delivery head by screw conveyor where it is delivered into the truck along with weighed water with chemicals injected and aggregates.
The delivery head is protected by a special air filter.
All Elkayam installations are equipped with fully automated control rooms.
Returning trucks residue material must be re-cycled by law using our concrete recycling installation. The system uses recycled water to wash out the mixer trucks and recover the aggregates.
Where quality and consistency are the aims in concrete production then Elkayam installations are at the forefront of this industry.

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