Sludge Treatment Systems (STS)

Sludge Treatment Systems (STS)

The STS is a process installation which stabilizes blended wastewater sludge cake with targeted alkaline admixture to produce a pasteurized granular soil-like material. The product, known as “ecosoil” is easy to handle and has long-term stability and high water retention characteristics, ideal for improving the physical properties of sandy soil and degraded land. Ecosoil can be stockpiled in the open for long periods of time and retain its stability without producing odors or pathogen re-growth. Tested by the Israeli government’s Agricultural Research Organization (A.R.O.) Volcani Center, Ecosoil was found to be the finest pathogen and nematode killer available, replacing chemical pesticides.

Process features:

  • For optimum results, patent biopHast process wastewater and sludge cake are measured and mixed in purpose-designed mixers
  • Pasteurizing processing unit allows for pathogen virus and sludge odor removal in less than 12 hours
  • Hydraulic mass discharger for cake slicing
  • Variable feed cake screw conveyor.
  • Electronic weighing system
  • Admixture control and delivery system
  • 20 tons per hour, per line
  • Enclosed conveyors for odor control with filtering option
  • Variable speed pasteurizer unit
  • Variable speed discharge screw conveyors
  • Slewing and extendable stockpile conveyor for standing trailer and container loading
  • The process complies with US EPA class A rules for microbiological reduction.

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