Stock and Buffer metering high load-variable capacity conveyors allow materials to be stored and fed out of the system at a variable rate. High capacity storage allows quick discharge of trucks and loaders. The use of chains and slats give the strength of an apron feeder, which while riding on a belt ensures a seal also allowing powders and small granular materials to be conveyed cleanly. Special attention to the sealing on the side plates ensures the chain is kept clean for low maintenance and long life.


  • Belt width from 2500mm to 3500mm
  • Variable speed hydraulic drive system
  • Automatic chain lubrication system
  • To prevent leakage, sealing edge on belt acts as a backup seal when conveying high moisture content materials  
  • Heavy duty tensioning system
  • Positive chain drive allows high torque without slip

Heavy Duty Stacking Conveyors


  • Allows materials to be stockpiled at greater heights
  • Better use of available space
  • Wide choice of widths to suit all purposes
  • Speed options to customer requirements
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long belt life

Standard (Sandvic) Belt Conveyors


  • Widths from 500mm to 3200mm (option for other sizes)
  • Design according to customer or plant requirements
  • High level of material integration in design for extended life
  • Modular design concepts for high strength/low maintenance &  fast installation
  • Special idler installation system promotes long belt life and very easy maintenance
  • Large choice of drive configurations
  • Long life drive drums, pulleys and lagging
  • Wide choice of scraper and cleaner configurations
  • Tripper Installations