Concrete Production Plant EL9600 and ELD2000 series

EL 9600 and ELD2000 concrete production systems are among the most advanced worldwide offering efficiency, sophistication and technology in a truly economic package. The modular design of each element allows flexibility of design to each customer’s specific requirements.


  • Fully integrated operation controlled from a single console if required using a synoptic interface
  • Fully integrated electronic weighing system allows high accuracy
  • Fastest batch turnaround time of less than 80 seconds as a result of the fastest cycle time of less than 35 seconds per mix  
  • Wet and dry plants
  • Plants meet all  international specifications
  • Batch capacity from 0.5 to 10m3
  • Each plant tailored to customer at no extra cost
  • Option for fully integrated billing system (comment: this would be superficial to audience, I would take this as assumed knowledge)
  • Conveyor/skip loading system   (Link here).
  • Concrete recycling as an additional option (Link here).
  • Output from 30m3 per hour (redundant)
  • Environmentally  friendly:  All silos fully filtered with alarm systems , integral mixer dust suction system, high pressure cleaning system
  • Real time humidity control for every batch