ELKAYAM Contact Info

Elkayam Yitzshak – CEO
Office: +972-2-9916136
Email: elkayam@elkayam.co

Elkayam Victor – Vice President
Office: +972-2-9916136
Email: elkayam@elkayam.co

Elkayam Gabi – Factory Manager
Office: +972-2-9916136
Email: elkayam@elkayam.co

Yehezkel Hen – Chief Engineer
Office: +972-74-7300517
Email: yehezkel@elkayam.co

Brian Sykes – Project Manager
Office: +972-74-7300518
Email: brian@elkayam.co

David Elkayam – Head of Sales
Office: +972-74-7300500
Email: david@elkayam.co

Gil Rotem – Manager of Finance
Office: +972-74-7300505
Email: gil@elkayam.co

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Office: +972-74-7300539
Email: jobs@elkayam.co

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    Contact Info

    1 Ha’amal Street West Industrial Zone Bet Shemesh 99054 ISRAEL
    +972 2 991 6136